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Water Treatment Portable CPC 501 CPC 502

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Multiparameter pH/conductivity/salinity
• High accuracy and repeatability benchtop meters, powered by 220V / 12V power adapter.
• Measure: conductivity, salinity, TDS, pH, mV and temperature.
• The models 502 have built in 60 mm thermal printer.
• Thanks to wide conductivity measuring range they may be used for both ultra pure water and thick salines measurements.
• Storing of 3 constant K of cells which cover the whole measuring range and 3 pH electrode characteristics.
• Wide range of α coefficient (0 ÷ 10%°C).
• Counting the salinity according to real characteristic for NaCl and KCl, what greatly increases the accuracy.
• Possibility of counting the TDS by introducing the right coefficient from 0.2 to 1.0.
• Characteristics of the pH function:
– accurate pH measurements in the whole measuring range (accuracy 0.002 pH),
– precise ORP (redox) measurements (accuracy 0.1 mV),
– calibration: 1 ÷ 5 points,
– automatic buffer detection, their value may be changed by the user,
– Automatic correction of the temperature influence on sample solution (NIST) value,
– Automatic checking of the condition of electrode’s membrane,
• Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
• Clock with date.
• RS-232 output for a PC and Centronics for standard printer.
• Collecting up to 200 results taken in series or single with temperature, time and date in internal datalogger, sending the data to a PC or printing on internal (models 502) or standard printer.