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Universal 2 beam ultrasonic process gas flowmeter OPTISONIC 7060

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Universal 2-beam ultrasonic process gas flowmeter OPTISONIC 7060

Universal ultrasonic flow meter for measurement of process gasflow
High measurement accuracy
Wide application range
Excellent long-term stability and high reliabilty
Non intrusive, no moving parts; no pressure loss, no wear
Eliminates maintenance

The specialist for gasflow measurement
The OPTISONIC 7060 performs consistent and accurately, even under harsh operating conditions. With specially designed ultrasonic transducers integrated in the meter body and an integrated protected cabling system, the OPTISONIC 7060 is extremely compact and robust.

The OPTISONIC 7060 is capable of performing flow measurement in virtually any process application in its standard configuration. The flowmeter will perform independent from gas properties and process conditions like density, pressure and temperature to a large extend. As such the OPTISONIC 7060 is a truly universal flowmeter.

Compact and robust design, with protected cabling
All metal miniturized transducers
Extensive diagnostic functions, accessible through standard software package
Wide temperature range
High turndown ratio
Low power consumption, less than 1W

Process measurements in the chemical and petrochemical industry
Check metering
Power plants
Compressor stations