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Sweetwater Regenerative Blowers

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Sweetwater® Regenerative Blowers
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High altitude and high temperature will affect blower performance. Deduct four percent of volume and pressure for each 1,000 (300 m) above sea level.

All models will operate on both 50 and 60 cycle (Hz) power except S631 and S651, which are 60 Hz only. At 50 Hz, both pressure and volume will be about 30 percent less than the 60 Hz curves shown.

3 Phase Note
Combination starters are not included, but strongly recommended. NEC and local electrical codes prevail.

The 3,450 rpm motors used on these regenerative blowers require about ten seconds to reach full speed. During this period, power draw is much higher than normal. See specifications for both starting watts and running watts. Use starting watts to size generators and use full load amps to size breakers.

Ordering Information
Single phase blowers up to and including one hp are supplied with a power cord. All Sweetwater® blowers come with inlet air filters and flexible pipe connectors as standard equipment. Three-year guarantee begins on date of shipment. Double the pressure by using two blowers of the same size, with one blowing into the other.