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Signal Conditioner HI 5500

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Signal Conditioner

The signal conditioner is part of our product line of the sub-category sensor instrumentation.

The series signal conditioners are DIN-rail mountable modules that provide a basic module system mechanisms of control.

The vibration signal conditioner modules are DIN rail and provide a “building block” approach to vibration monitoring in the capital machinery. Each has a signal conditioner, 4-20 mA and 0-5VDC output proportional to its full scale value.

The outputs can connect to most PLCs or DCS systems, providing continuous monitoring of machinery running condition. The modules also offer access to capping the vibration signal to a BNC connector and terminal connectors.

Type of measurement, the detection rate, frequency range and full scale operating range are selected by the user. Moreover, there are fixed point modules and relay modules can be configured to light an advertiser or travel machine when operating conditions exceed preset levels.

The set point modules and relay modules can be used with a signal conditioner with individual or groups of signal conditioners, providing a cost-effective approach for creating a surveillance system.


• Output buffer.

• Accelerometer Input.

• 4-20 mA and 0-5 VDC.

• Selectable Filter.

• Integration.

• Peak, RMS or peak to peak.

• DIN Rail Mount.

• OK LED circuit.