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Signal Conditioner 5545

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Signal Conditioner

The signal conditioner is part of our product line of the sub-category sensor instrumentation.

The signal conditioner accepts multi-channel input signals from a variety of sensors mounted on the machine. Designed to reduce the contributions of many in a single bus, digital serial cable or provide 4-20 mA output for each channel of remote communication to the instruments of control or supervision.

These signal conditioners accept signals from seismic accelerometer mounted machine casing or accelerometers most competitive and produce a 4-20 mA output current proportional to the measured variable.

The detection circuit is responsive to true RMS vibration, but the output can be reduced either to peak or RMS units. A green LED indicates sensor and cable integrity. In the case of sensor failure, the LED turns off and the output current is driven below 3.6 mA, thereby signaling a malfunction. A BNC connector allows access to the input signal for analysis of local buffer.

Optional features for either model of the filters and galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply.


• Cost effective alternative to rack mount monitors.

• Sensor / cable input “OK” light.

• BNC connector for FFT analyzers.

• Dynamic drive signal over long distances (300 meters or 1000 feet).

• Interfaces of an accelerometer to a PLC, DCS or 4-20 mA input monitor.

• Optional indicator and / or galvanic isolation.

• High, low frequency band pass filters for the specific conditions of the machine.

• Provides 4-20 mA output proportional to vibration level.