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Reducers and Expansion Joints

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Reducers and Expansion Joints

Reducers and expansion joints belong to our product line in the category Pipes, Pipes and Fittings for subcategory air valves expansion joints.

Reducers and expansion joints are designed to reduce allows simple connection of pipes of different sizes. The reduction in expansion joints also provide all the benefits of an expansion joint can be used as pipe reducers or growing, expansion joints, flexible connectors and vibration eliminators.

The gearboxes were designed to replace metal reducers in the pipeline, standard reducers have a smooth reduction of the wall flange to flange. The reduction of the expansion joints are available in single, double and triple arches, either open or filled models. The multiple arcs are used in applications where the expansion or contraction will occur.

The advantage of an all-over rubber reducer metal reducers is the flexibility and durability of elastomers. Fill gearboxes are generally used in the slurry and abrasive applications to avoid the collection of material which can be installed in the arches. Reducers eliminates noise and vibration in the pipe insulation, reduces stress, eliminates electrolysis and protects against the implementation of the tides. Concentric save installation space and reduce costs.

Concentric reducers to meet your exact needs of pipelines. The flanges are designed to meet ANSI Class 125 drilling are available in a variety of elastomers to meet chemical compatibility and temperature of process fluid. Piping systems must be anchored when using concentric reducers.

Standard control rods can not be used to prevent excessive debt or elongation. This is particularly worrisome in the sizes of larger diameter, over 1 2 “, where the smaller end set of control rods have a multiplier effect. Barras special control design with backup plates may need to be modified.


鈥 Maximum flexibility.

鈥 Eliminates the boards.

鈥 Absorbs vibration fan.

鈥 Resistant to abrasion.

鈥 Made in the USA.

鈥 Relieve stress pipelines, noise and vibration.

鈥 Permission axial compression, elongation, lateral and angular motion.

鈥 They are corrosive and abrasion-resistant elastomers.