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Recycle System water

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Water Recycling System Wash

The water recycling system is designed to wash the light and the processing of up to 10 gpm. The recycling system collects contaminated water from the wash pad, the processes through 12 different technologies. Returns the clean water pressure or steam cleaner for reuse. The standard model contains a TurboHydrozone for water purification and recycling system (ARS-10) contains CO3P, CO3P advanced catalytic oxidation system.

System Specifications recycling wash water

Process Flow: 10 g.p.m.
System Capacity: 250 gallons
Electrical: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 A
Type filter final polishing filter (2)
Oxidation system (MAR-011M): TurboHydrozone
Oxidation system (MAR-012M): CO3P oxidation catalyst
Process / Fuel pump: 1 / 6 H.P. centrifugal
Flow of delivery: 10 g.p.m.
Storage Capacity: 50 gallons
Filtration Capacity: 25 microns