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PH and Redox Sensors

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PH and Redox Sensors

The pH sensor and digital redox is designed for use in wastewater applications, casing and automated self-cleaning system, maintenance requirements due to the long life and easy interchangeable electrodes.

PH sensors are equipped with digital communication, stainless steel case, automatic spray cleaning and flexible telescopic rod assembly. These unique features allow the sensors perfectly operating in difficult conditions found in industrial and municipal waste treatment plants of water.


– Rugged stainless steel housing.

– Spray cleaning automated.

– Large diameter sensor bracket to prevent hazing.

– The only mountable telescopic pole flexible.

– Standardized 12 mm combination electrodes with Teflon diaphragm.

– Foldable electrode for the sharing easier to maintain low-Gel Electrodes.

– Temperature compensation.

– The calibration in a few easy steps.

– Digital communications for the converter.

– Up to four sensors can be connected.

– Lateral wall of optional mounts available.

The pH sensor is designed for industries in municipal and industrial water treatment plants waste water monitoring stations. Applications, monitoring and control of water treatment and neutralization processes and outdoor facilities for monitoring water quality and effluent water hole final.