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Oxygen Saturators

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Oxygen Saturators
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In 1989, AES developed the 3-part oxygen saturator, which performs like an oxygen cone, but with these added benefits:
1. Comes apart for cleaning.
2. Has a smaller footprint.
3. Rated at 80 psi for greater supersaturation.
Like the oxygen cones, our saturators feature 100 percent oxygen-absorbing capability. The water and oxygen enter the top of the column, where agitation and shear occurs. As the water and oxygen move downward, their velocity is reduced by the increasing diameters. This allows time and space for any oxygen bubbles that have not dissolved to float. No bubbles escape from the saturator. The AES saturators are made of thick, high-density, black, linear polyethylene with fusion-bonded flanges, except OY35P, which is a low-priced PVC model that features two clear sections so the bubbles can be observed. It is rated at 40 psi maximum.

A valve (not included) is required on the outlet side of all cones and saturators to control the pressure within. When assembling the center flange, we suggest using either a bead of silicone or a Neoprene gasket. Center flange bolts and pressure gauge (0-30 psi) are included. Inlet and outlet fittings and flow meters not included. Overall height is to flange face. Two-year guarantee. OY110 and smaller ship by UPS. Made in USA. Note: To convert pounds of oxygen per hour to grams, multiply pounds x 454.