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Multiparameter Converter

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Multiparameter Converter

The converter has a multi-parameter simultaneous measurement and control up to four parameters in the water waste treatment process, supports the full range of sensors with automated cleaning, “Plug and Play installation, easy calibration, the creation networking and capacity higher reliability due to digital technology.

Multiparameter Converter enables reliable and accurate measurement of parameters to four wastewater and sludge applications. Suitable for the complete range of sensors and equipped with the newest digital technology, a large backlit graphics display, built-in heater and up to four channels of measurement, is the perfect choice for all applications in industrial measurement and municipal waste water treatment facilities.

The robust design and the automated cleaning of stainless steel sensors result in the highest reliability for operation in harsh environments. Last but not least, the compact device can be easily installed and operated with optimal cost of ownership.


– Support for full-function stainless steel automatic sensor cleaning.

– Up to four measurement channels.

– Digital technology for maximum reliability and “Plug & Play”.

– Robust design and integrated heater for installation in harsh environments.

– Operation friendly with only three membrane keys and large graphic display.

– Two free programmable relays.

– Software upgradeable in field.


– Municipal and industrial water waste treatment facilities.

– Water monitoring stations.