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Lug Type Butterfly Valves

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Lug Type Butterfly Valves
Wafer Butterfly Valve (Model:BTV-A)

DN50 (2″)~600(24″) Type “lug” Butterfly valves are suitable for the pressure grades of PN1.0MPa and PN1.6MPa
separately. Two dimensions in one column show the connection dimensions of PN1.0/PN1.6MPa pressure
grades. The upper flanges of the butterfly valves accommodate all types of operators: manual, worm gearing,
electric and pneumatic actuators.
Difference between Type “wafer” and “lug”: Both type “wafer” and “lug” have the same construction and
performances and made of the same materials. The main difference between them is that type “wafer” valves are
mounted between pipe flanges (wafer-type ) by bolts (or extended hexagon-head bolts) , while type “lug” can be
either mounted between two pipes by ordinary hexagon head bolts or mounted at the pipe end (lugged-type) .
As the valve is used at the end of pipeline, it is necessary to indicate in order.