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Hardness meter specifically

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Hardness Meter Specifically

The specific hardness meter belongs to our product line, category Calida Water Meter for Water Quality Meters subcategory.

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The hardness meter concrete has concrete evidence of the test hammer is the most common method for non-destructive concrete testing worldwide, for every need and application.

Test Hammers are available in models with different impact energies to meet the needs of testing a wide range of media types and sizes. Types N, NR, L and LR are specifically designed to assess the quality and the compressive strength of concrete with the range of 10 to 70 N / mm 2 (1’450 to 10’152 psi).

Versions incorporating paper chart recorders (LR and NR) can automatically register the rebound values on a graph paper tape. Type ND and LD Digi-hammer test to measure the rebound values through an electronic method and allows direct reading of test results in digital form.


  • Type N: Rebound values are read from a scale for the calculation of the half. The values of compressive strength can be read on a plot of conversion.
  • Type NR: Rebound values are recorded as a bar graph on a strip of paper which has a capacity for 4,000 trial purposes.
  • Type L: Management of the same type N, but type L offers an impact energy three times smaller.
  • Type LR: Handling the same type NR, but with impact energy three times smaller. The LR also has a paper strip enabling up to 4’000 impacts of no-load test.

The specific hardness meter is designed to be used for nondestructive measurement of concrete / mortar compressive strength, control of uniform concrete quality (in situ concrete and prefabricated structures), detection of weaknesses in the concrete.

The type L / LR hammer operates with significant lower impact energy, making this hammer the ideal option for testing thin-walled elements with a thickness of between 50 to 100 mm (2 inches and 4 inches) or small component testing. It is suitable for testing cast stone components which are sensitive to shocks. In rock mechanics, the type L / LR hammers are used for classification testing of rock cores and brittle rock.


  • ISO / DIS 8045.
  • EN 12 504-2.
  • ENV 206.
  • DIN 1048 Part 2.
  • BS 1881 part 202.
  • ASTM C 805.
  • ASTM D 5873 (Rock).
  • NFP 18-417.
  • B 15-225.
  • JGJ / T 23-2001.
  • JJG 817-1993.

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