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Hardness Measurement in Metals

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Hardness Measurement in Metals

The metal hardness meter belongs to our product line, category subcategory Meters Water Quality Water Quality Meter.

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The gauge of hardness in metals is a practical complement to the portable rebound hardness testers, and that resolves most limitations associated with the dynamic test method, although the rebound hardness testers are not suitable for measuring very light parts certain geometries, suitable for portable testing of light, thin and tubular parts.

The meter has measures in accordance with the principle of where the depth of penetration under a defined preload is measured before and after application of a force majeure, the low penetration of depth charge measurements are accurate, rapid and reproducible.

The difference between before and after penetration depth reflects the plastic deformation and, therefore, hardness.


  • Accurate, rapid and reproducible measurement of the depth of penetration.
  • Measurements are independent of materials and dimensions of the body.
  • Range from very soft aluminum test () for very hard materials (hardened).
  • Integrated Conversion (HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HR15N, RM).
  • Transfer of up to 5,000 readings stored in a PC via RS232 using.
  • Excellent sensitivity to small penetrations of only a few microns.
  • The probe can be used in either a clamp, bench press or freehand.
  • In addition to the probe R5, all impact devices can be used to test for rebound hardness indicator with the same device.


  • Quality testing of soft materials through very hard materials.
  • Parts thin, profiles and pipes of a wall thickness ≤ 2 mm, sheet metal spiral and thin pieces of 0.2 mm (0.008 “) depending on the level of hardness and scratch-sensitive surfaces.
  • The hardness of heat affected zone near welds.

This product offers accessories such as a hand activated clamp (included in the unit for “clamp”), a free-hand-foot level (included in the unit HR) for testing on large surfaces, the adapters support round pieces, and a bench press to meet the requirements of individual tests.

Technical data:

  • Test method: static load.
  • Probes available: Probes can be used).
  • Test Load Test Load: preload, total load 50N.
  • conical probe: diamond, an angle of 80 ° point.
  • Radius of curvature of the surface: 3 mm (0.12 inches).
  • The depth of penetration: soft materials approx. 80 microns (0.003 inches).
  • Hard materials approx. 15 microns (0.0006 inches).
  • Resolution: 0.1 HRZ, 1 HV, 1 HB, 0.1 HRB, 0.1 HRC, 0.1 HR15N; 1 MPa (1 N / mm 2).
  • Accuracy: HRZ ± 1.5 (± 2.0 HRC) throughout the entire measurement range.
    Pointing device.
  • Dimensions 175 x 180 x 80 mm (6.9 x 7.1 x 3.15 inches).
  • Weight 750 g (batteries included).
  • Material impact resistant ABS plastic.
  • Display large LCD.
  • Internal Data Storage ~ 5’000 values.
  • RS232 Communication C PC.
  • PC application software.
  • Standard Battery Type “AA” cells (LR6) for the operation of about 65 h.
  • Operating temperature 0 – 50 ° C (32 – 122 ° F).

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