Hand Pump

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Hand Pump
The manual pump is part of our product line of pumps and accessories category subcategory Hand Pumps.
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Al hand pump is compact and lightweight, is available with 4-20 mA input control, are built to handle a variety of service requirements of industrial water and wastewater plants, the pumps feature a simple design with an oil gearbox lubrication free and cartridge valves to simplify maintenance.
All pumps have a locked wheel to manually adjust the pump output from 0 to 100% in 1% increments, automatic control models use state of the art of measuring the pump controller (MPC), along with a converter AC-motor destination.
You can mount the controller up to 1000 feet away and motor speed control automatically by 4-20 mA signal or manually via the digital keyboard. Standard control models have digital inputs / outputs, including the level of supply to the tank, checking the flow, the remote status indication, pump alarm status, stroke and the pump against the state of Auto / manual.
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