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Expansion Joints

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Expansion Joints

The expansion joint is part of our product line in the category Pipes, pipes and fittings of the sub-expansion joints.

The expansion valve is in a range of sliding expansion joints to fit special applications of low pressure in a fast installation is important.

The expansion joint is designed to be quickly installed in standard tube is used in connection with sliding stainless steel bands for a secure assembly.

The expansion joint includes a camera that is chosen to be compatible with the process material, an intermediate layer containing the material and the reinforcement wire and an outer layer to protect the joint from occasional contact with oils, corrosion and wear.

This extension board can be built into custom lengths, with custom ID bracelet and custom configurations. The Slip-On Series SL-53 Triple Arch Expansion Joints are designed to allow further contraction, expansion, and lateral movement. The inner diameter equals the outer diameter of spare tubes.

The expansion joint is slipped onto the ends of an open tube and is secured by clamps. The construction consists of a tube of natural or synthetic rubber, a hand made body consists of a high quality synthetic fabric for the reinforcement, and cover wrap used to protect the unit from casual contact with oil, weathering, ozone and corrosives.

Triple Arch of expansion joints is simple and inexpensive to use. The Expansion joint movement absorbs vibration, thermal expansion and contraction, and allow alignment of the pipe.


鈥 Rolls on the tube for easy connection.

鈥 Designed for low pressure systems.

鈥 Vibration and sound disposal.

鈥 Absorbs motion processing.

鈥 N gaskets.

鈥 They are corrosive and resistant to abrasion.

鈥 Elastomers.

鈥 Made in the USA.

Building materials:

鈥 Mounting Bands.

鈥 Stainless steel.

鈥 Elastomers.