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eXactTM EZ Meter 481668

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eXactTM EZ Meter (481668)

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. announces the release of the revolutionary new eXactTM EZ meter. This affordable waterproof meter is designed to give you fast water chemistry results without having to take a water sample to your local pool store. Just set the meter to the desired test, fill the sample chamber while immersing the meter in your water sample , dip an eXact Strip EZ into the sample for 20 seconds, and then read your results. Ideal for residential & commercial testing, the eXact EZ tests for Chlorine (Free & Total), Cyanuric Acid, and pH. Instead of utilizing hard to crush tablets or messy powders, the eXact EZ uses revolutionary eXactTM EZ Strips: the safest and most convenient delivery system for your DPD testing. All required reagents are precisely measured and impregnated on a test strip pad.