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Electronic pump regulator

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Electronic pump regulator

The extremely simple electronic unit for automatic creation of pressurisation units for houses and irrigation systems. Electronic pump regulator is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. The electric pump regulator is set at the factory to control pumps, head of 4-8bar and again from 2bar. In such conditions it is necessary that only the air system maintenance services and press the button electric pump regulator is ready to control the pump.


鈥 A single product for the automation of electro-pumps, head of between 1.5 and 8 bar. 鈥 Controls pressure, flow and water temperature.
鈥 Stop the pump in case of defects or excess water temperature (55 掳 C), which protects against dry running and high temperatures.


鈥 No continuous on / off operation of the pump drop leak
鈥 Starts and stops the pump automatically when needed
鈥 Pump protection: Over-water drill –
鈥 check valves equipped
鈥 Adjustable pressure reset
鈥 Quiet operation
鈥 Easy and quick connection
鈥 automatic restart
鈥 Pressure gauge fitted