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Elbow Accessories Gum

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Elbow Accessories Gum

Rubber fittings and elbow belong to our product line in the category Pipes, Pipe and Fittings for subcategory air valves.

Rubber fittings are strong, durable and flexible. Reduce noise and vibration of pumps, compressors and other equipment, and allow alignment of minor importance, where abrasion or corrosion of pipes normal damage.

Standard construction is a rubber reinforced cotton duck and a synthetic cover for use with temperatures continuing to 180 degrees F. For more strength, spiral steel wires are embedded in the body flange to flange elbow. Rubber accessories have a standard working pressure of 50 psi, 75 psi maximum, and can hold 10 “Hg. Vacuum.

Standard accessories include 90 ° short radius elbows and long, 45 ° elbows, crosses, “Y” and “T” connections, produced a wide range of custom configurations with multiple connections, built-in expansion boards, and more with their usual needs and how we can provide a solution.


• Connects misaligned pipes.

• Port provides smooth unrestricted flow.

• Reduces noise and vibration.

• Relieve stress pipelines, noise and vibration.

• They are corrosive and abrasion-resistant elastomers.