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Drinking Water 40 Watt

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Drinking Water 40 Watt

The 40 Watt Sterilizer meets established Drinking Water Standards at 8-10 gallons of water per minute. The sterilizer is easy to install and maintain, retrofits into any existing system.

The Drinking 40 Watt UV sterilizer is designed for maximum performance, power, and reliability. Ultraviolet is a proven dependable and effective method of controlling bacteria, viruses, and protozoa without leaving any residuals in the water. The sterilizers are 316 stainless steel electro-polished and passivated. Aqua Ultraviolet units are easily installed and maintained and will retrofit any existing system. To ensure that the germicidal lamp is operational its glow is visible through a clear cap. A wiper is available on all drinking water units to clean the quartz sleeve which optimizes UV transmission and kill rates.