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Data Logger

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Data Logger

The data logger is part of our product line of Liquid Industrial Waste category the subcategory Regulators.

The data logger has visualization and media gateway in a single unit, is a perfect replacement for all existing paper recorders, is a state of the art solution for multi-channel display, recording, monitoring and communication needs.

The data logger use it to record and monitor flow, pressure, turbidity, level, chlorine or other process information. This easy to use recorder offers a host of features that save you money and simplify data acquisition. Perfect for offline data analysis and archiving. No need to access your PLC software, and possibly alter critical control functions.

The data recorder provides up to 6 universal inputs and integrated alarm and start-point management features. 14 set points freely programmable as minimum or maximum alarm and assignable to any channel. The set point plus or not enough can trigger 4 relay output for external alarms or valve / pump control. Built-in 24 VDC sensor supply saves time, reduces costs and keeps the wiring simple.

Access to stored data files using one of five communication ports: USB for one-on-one communication, simple RS485 serial networking, network capacities, RS232 to connect to a modem, and just surf Embedded Web measurements in real time using your Internet browser as easy as surfing the Internet.

This unit provides a detailed analysis of offline data and file. Save recorded data in the CSV file or format. CSV files can be viewed directly and manage programs of standard spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. No special software to install and no special training for your team.


128-MB Compact Flash memory card, embedded web server and software.

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