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Control Valve High Pressure


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Control Valve High Pressure

The control valve high pressure part of our product line, category subcategory valves pinch valves.

The control valve high pressure has a heavy landing elastomer sleeves are reinforced with high strength nylon, polyester, heavy equipment or various designs of the sleeve of destination are available – complete standard port for on / off applications insulation, double wall to severe abrasion applications; cone, reduced port, and variable inlet designs for control applications.

The control valve high pressure elastomer sheath has to be closed even in solids, and the action of bending of the sleeve eliminates the possibility of scale. Combining these features with a closed body design and no packing to maintain the results of a simple, robust and without hanging up, maintenance free valve.

This valve high pressure control is equipped with a sturdy steel guard solid career adjustment at the base of the valve. This allows users to control song or adjust the times to lead to abrasion sleeve. This flexibility eliminates downtime.

The control valve is available with high-pressure actuators, bevel gear actuators are available for manual operation, hydraulic or electric actuators for automatic operation are also available, pneumatic actuators are available in lower pressure applications or low.


• up to 720 psi working pressure.

• For on / off or control applications.

• Heavy-duty reinforced polyester or high pressure of the sleeve is the only wetted.

• Extended service life.

• Sealed body design.

Building materials:

• Ductile iron, 316 stainless steel bodies.

• electrical or hydraulic actuator.

• Optional Class 150 flanges.