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Competitor Blower


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Competitor Blower

The blower competitor belongs to our product line in the category Security Fans subcategory.

Competitor Plus blowers are designed not only to be interchangeable with competing brands, they also incorporate advanced design features to improve the lives and service capacity based on years of experience with positive displacement blowers in ventilation systems wastewater.

The rotors are machined ductile iron cast integrally with big axes. This means that the rotor is one piece, not a press fit or pinned shaft can loosen, slip and cause costly repairs due to the shock of the rotor. Seal the surfaces are polished for long seal life.

Competitor Plus blowers use helical gears instead of gearing for quieter, smoother operation. Taper fit drive gears can counter-attack, slip and lose their time, resulting in costly repairs. Helical gears are introduced to the axes.

Bearings double row of balls have been incorporated for added strength at the end of each rotor gear. Drive shaft bearings are cylindrical roller bearings for extra strength against side loading from V-belts. Bigger, stronger bearings provide smooth performance and added to the bearing life by 50% compared to competitive models.

Separations are positively blowers end in the final set of gears, which eliminates the risk of changing the final settlement, when you install or remove components of the unit. It also eliminates the special fork and saddle tools required by other brands to restore final approvals.