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Check Valve 500F

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The check valve is part of our product line in the category Valves Valves subcategory Retention.

The check valves have silicone seals rated for 500F, these valves are ideal for fan WWTP. No seat design provides tight shutoff positive closure against the valve body in the low air flow with minimal backpressure necessary (0.5 psi).

The valve when fully closed, the valve plates seal directly against the center post without pinching the silicone elastomer. This eliminates the possibility of cutting the seal material in the area of the hinge.

When fully open, the rest of the valve plate against a Teflon-coated pin that prevents the valve plate flutter in the airflow vibrant PD fan operation. There are no metal-metal pivot points, as the flexible elastomer seal provides a hinge, and no seats for use. Silicone with aluminum mounting plates are classified for temperatures up to 500F and are reinforced with fiberglass for added strength and tear resistance.

Election threaded aluminum, cast iron plate or flange steel valves. All bodies of aluminum and steel have a durable painted surface. Repair Kits internal replacement setting the three styles of the same size of the pipe.