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Caustic Soda White Solic

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Caustic Soda White Solic

Caustic soda is white solid flakes or beads, soluble in alcohol and glycerol absorbs water and carbon dioxide from the air, soapy manufacturing. The white solid caustic soda and petroleum products, used in processing fruit and cotton textile, laundry and milled, oxide coating, plating and electrolytic extraction, is commonly found in drain cleaners and ovens. The white solid caustic soda has a strong irritant to the eye tissue, skin and mucous membranes, toxic by ingestion and inhalation. The white solid caustic soda should be kept out of reach of children in sealed containers in cool and dry environments. The white solid caustic soda comes in a jar of 500 grams, or 1 Kilo bag of 25 Kilos. Continue browsing our site so that more of our products quote

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