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Blower Packages for Fish Rooms by Sweetwater

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Blower Packages for Fish Rooms by Sweetwater
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We offer these complete blower packages, specifically designed for aquarium stores, fish rooms, hatcheries and laboratories. All that is needed is a few hours of labor, PVC pipe, cement, pipe cutter and 3/8 or 1/2 reversible drill. They can be used to provide air to sponge filters, air diffusers, undergravel filters and even protein skimmers. Our packages use only aquaculture-duty, Sweetwater regenerative blowers for the utmost in reliability. The packages include 500 of 3/16 aquarium tubing (TP30) and a thread tap and drill bit for mounting valves right where you want them. A technical guide provides detailed instructions on how to design and build your air system. The nickel-plated valves (included) are far superior to plastic valves. Air diffusers are Sweetwater brand (AS1) that are easily cleaned to restore like new performance. Made in USA.
Each blower package includes the following:
• Sweetwater® regenerative blower
• Inlet muffler assembly
• Flexible outlet pipe
• Power cord (8)
• Air bleed valve assembly
• Air diffusers
• Nickel plated valves
• Thread tap and drill bit
• Teflon sealant
• 500 of airline tubing
• Plumbing tech guide