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Axis Alignment


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Axis Alignment

The shaft alignment is a professional system for all types of measurements, it is a shaft alignment system more flexible, contains all the necessary programs for geometrical measurements, just add geometric accessories as required. This system is the basic professional maintenance companies to be able to solve all kinds of measurements and alignments. If your business is primarily in the shaft alignment but wish to make geometrical measurements now or in the future, is the system you need. For example, you can check the straightness and twist at the base of the machine, vibration measurements and perform digital alignment of pulleys.

Typical applications of this system are machines mounted horizontally or vertically mounted on flanges, shaft drive machines and machines coupled in series (up to ten machines in line) and geometrical measurements and digital BTA if available appropriate measurement accessories.

Contents of a complete system:

• 1 display unit (27 programs).

• 2 units of measurement (S, M).

• 12 units measuring rods (8 x 120 mm, 4 x 60 mm).

• 2 Shaft brackets with chains
• 2 extension chains.

• 2 stands for axial deviation.

• 2 magnetic bases.

• 2-wire push-pull connectors (2 x 2 m)
• 1 manual.

• 1 tape measure.

• 1 cover for display unit.

• 1 cable program for PC.

• 1 bag.

Features and functions:

• 14 programs for all types of rotating machines.

• 13 programs for geometric applications.

• Compensation for the thermal expansion.

• Tolerance Checking.

• Autonomy extremely high (up to 48 hours).

• Possibilities of documentation.

• Expandable.

• 2 years warranty.