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Axis alignment


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Axis Alignment

The shaft alignment system is a comprehensive professional, this system can align all types of rotating machines mounted horizontally or vertically mounted on flanges, coupled driveshaft * machines and machines in series (up to ten machines in line). It has a feature that makes it possible alignment with just a rotation axis 40 degrees. It is best when the connections, the shielding of the engine, etc.. preventing further rotation. Furthermore, the measurement can start at any point of the turn.

The system includes features to compensate for thermal expansion, to test the tolerance and to block the reference legs. You can also check the integrity and twist at the base of the machine. Last, but not least is the possibility of vibration measurements and digital pulley alignment through easy to attach accessories. All this becomes one of the most complete measurement systems on the market. A system for professionals in the lineup.


• 1 display unit (14 programs).

• 2 units of measurement (S, M).

• 12 units measuring rods (8x120mm, 4x60mm).

• 2 Shaft brackets with chains.

• 2 extension chains.

• 2-wire push-pull connectors (2 x 2 m).

• 1 manual.

• 1 tape measure.

• 1 cover for display unit.

• 1 cable program for PC.

• 1 bag With this program, only need 40 º for a complete measurement.

The program guides the user into the correct position.


• 14 programs for all types of rotating machines.

• Compensation for the thermal expansion.

• Tolerance Checking.

• Autonomy extremely high (up to 48 hours).

• Possibilities of documentation.

• Expandable.

• 2 years warranty.