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Axis Alignment


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Axis Alignment

This shaft alignment is extremely strong, is one of the measurement and alignment systems for potentially explosive atmospheres more robust and resilient the market is intrinsically safe and meets the latest standards for working in such atmospheres.

With the alignment of pulleys have achieved a breakthrough, the whole system is extremely resistant to external factors, both as to the impacts of corrosion and leaks, the reason is that we know that measurement systems are often used in environments that are anything but clean and dry environments where there is everything from oil to water and solvents.

In other words, the system is not designed only for those who need a certification system, but for those wishing to get more from your tools. In short: with solid materials, software and extensive warranty period is a measurement and alignment system hard to beat.

Contents of a complete system:

• 1 display unit.

• 2 units of measurement.

• 3-wire connectors push-pull type (L = 2 m).

• 1 extension cord with connectors push-pull type (L = 5 m).

• 2 Shaft brackets with chains.

• 2 extension chains.

• 8 Rods.

• 1 manual.

• 1 tape measure.

• 2 sets of batteries for the display unit.

• 1 cable program for PC.

• 1 bag (impact resistant).

Features and functions:

• Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

• Extremely robust design.

• 13 programs for all types of rotating machines.

• Units 2-axis.

• Digital Millennium.

• Compensation for the thermal expansion.

• Tolerance Checking.

• Autonomy extremely high (20-40 hours).

• Possibilities of documentation.

• 4 year warranty.

• 1 free calibration (see conditions).