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Automatic Air Valve


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Automatic Air Valve

Automatic air valve is part of our product line, category subcategory valves air valves

The air valve has a large diameter automatic valve available. As each network with pinch valve, elastomer sleeve is the only wearing part, drastically reducing maintenance costs.

This air valve has an action carried out by air or hydraulic pressure valve body steel as a built-in actuator, eliminating costly pneumatic components, electrical or hydraulic. Regulation and control of the amount of different air pressure applied in the cave between the outer sleeve and inside the body of the valve is open or closed throttle valve.

The air valves are often used such as valves control discharge of sewage effluent, excessive rain, equal flow of tailings from mining operations, and handling of bulk materials.


• The only valve that closes “last drop” sound.

• Cost-effective large-diameter valve.

• body cavity acts as a built-in actuator.

• No cavities or dead spots are attached to the valve operation.

• Full port design.

• Not affected by harsh external environments.

• Packing to replace or maintain, always.

• Cost-effective and maintenance free.

Building materials:

• cast iron or fabricated steel.