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Advanced Oxidation Process System

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Advanced Oxidation CO3P Process System

The systems utilize ultraviolet light, ozone and hydrogen peroxide to produce a hydroxyl radical, which is an extremely effective oxidizer of organics and can help to reduce B.O.D. and C.O.D. levels in water or wastewater. The units come complete with a circulation pump, basket pre-filter, ozone injection manifold, chemical pumps, dual or quad UV/O3 Catalytic Chambers and a complete control panel. An optional 550 gallon process tank and post carbon filter are available.

Connections: 1 1/2pulgadas NPT
Electrical: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz Single Phase
Max. Pressure: 50 p.s.i.
Flow Rate (Standard Unit): 20 g.p.m.
Flow Rate (High Output Unit): 40 g.p.m.
Ozone Output (Standard Unit): 0.432 g/hr x 2

Ozone Output (High Output Unit): 14 g/hr
UV Intensity (Standard Unit): 20,000 mW-sec/cm2 x 2
UV Intensity (High Output Unit): 40,000 mW-sec/cm2 x 4